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A Rivalry?

The golf world would like nothing better than a rivalry. Someone who will step up and challenge Tiger on a consistent basis. Palmer and Nicklaus almost had it but truth be told, as great as Arnold Palmer was, Jack Nicklaus, pretty much owned him. No; what we would really like is a 1980’s Laker/Celtic, knock-down, drag-out, “let’s get it on” rivalry with each combatant drilling 3 irons at the flag on Sunday afternoon. A great rivalry, however, needs certain critical ingredients. First and formost, it cannot be one sided and be a situation where one player occassionally out-duels the other but it must be well matched. It wouldn’t hurt if the two players didn’t care for each other or were opposites in personality.

Watching the Tour Championship yesterday, perhaps that time has now arrived. Phil Mickelson, has perhaps as much “talent”, as Tiger. Now he has a new coach (the fact that the new coach also happens to be, Tiger’s old coach, will add fuel to the fire), Mickelson may just be the person to step forward and throw down the gauntlet.

Who will step forward? Will it be Phil? Or Ernie? Or one of the young guns like Sergio Garcia or Adam Scott?