A Rivalry?

May 14, 2007 -

The golf world would like nothing better than a rivalry. Someone who will step up and challenge Tiger on a consistent basis. Palmer and Nicklaus almost had it but truth be told, as great as Arnold Palmer was, Jack Nicklaus, pretty much owned him. No; what we would really like is a 1980’s Laker/Celtic, knock-down, drag-out, “let’s get it on” rivalry with each combatant drilling 3 irons at the flag on Sunday afternoon. A great rivalry, however, needs certain critical ingredients. First and formost, it cannot be one sided and be a situation where one player occassionally out-duels the other but it must be well matched. It wouldn’t hurt if the two players didn’t care for each other or were opposites in personality.

Watching the Tour Championship yesterday, perhaps that time has now arrived. Phil Mickelson, has perhaps as much “talent”, as Tiger. Now he has a new coach (the fact that the new coach also happens to be, Tiger’s old coach, will add fuel to the fire), Mickelson may just be the person to step forward and throw down the gauntlet.

Who will step forward? Will it be Phil? Or Ernie? Or one of the young guns like Sergio Garcia or Adam Scott?

7 thoughts on “A Rivalry?

  1. shivasirons says:

    This may be a bit of a stretch as far as someone who could be a rival for Tiger, but watching Sean O’Hair play and compete yesterday at the Tour Championship, it was refreshing to see a young player shoot at the flagstick as he did on #17. In that situation a great many of the young players today, would have played a safe shot to the center of the green (at the time O’Hair was two shots behind Mickelson and was very defintely trying to WIN the tournament and not just cash a big check). At 24, O’Hair is just getting started but I think that he will definitely go on to greater things.

  2. admin says:

    Nice blog, Shivas. Sean O’Hair is defintely one of the up and coming stars from the US. One of the most intriguing newcomers is Anthony Kim who is 21 years old. This young man believes that he “belongs” (and is not star struck by big name players) and has huge talent.

  3. Wee Links says:

    I think Phil is already there. He’s won 3 majors in the last 2 years and was a Tee Shot away from a 4th at the US Open. That’s 2nd only to Tiger’s 4 majors in the last 2 years. All that’s left is for these 2 to have a Sunday pairing with a major tournament on the line…

  4. admin says:

    Your points are well made; Wee One! Phil has indeed won 3 majors to Tiger’s 4 over the last two years. And you are spot on, when saying that for this to really “get hot” they have to both be playing well during the same tournament (like Doral a couple of years ago).

  5. rdwillis2 says:

    I think Sergio has the game. He had a great Sunday charge. The putter was finally working. He seems to be more mature than in years past. Would love to see Tiger and Sergio head to head in another Major.

  6. Steve Johnson says:

    There are the rivalries we would like to see on the tour, but there are rivalries amongst the common folk that are just as entertaining as well as intense. Having a wonderful relationship with this Jim person who has been receiving a lot of grief from his so-called friends for his driving prowess, there seems to be an underlying theme to this harrassment. It appears that a rivalry has developed between this Mojo character, the Swing Doctor, Jay and Jim. It seems the drubbing that Mojo and Doctor got has hit a sore spot with the losers. Knowing Jim as well as I do, I know him as a not only a gracious winner, but a gracious loser as well. My understandin,was that Mojo and Doctor were also supposedly gracious losers as well. This definitely seem to be the case. There seems to be a rivalry between these four, that could lead to interesting matches in the future. I am sure that the 2 losers will try to take advantage of Jim as soon as his broken hand is healed, and not give him a chance to re-hab properly. They will do anything to win. I hope they keep us posted as this rivalry develops. My best to Jay and Jim. They just may have to work a little harder with Jim playing with one hand. The true gentlemen will prevail.
    Steve out

  7. Steve Johnson says:

    I always thought that golf was a gentlemen’s game, where winners and losers accepted their fates with the same graciousness and aplomb. Apparently that wasn’t the case in a recent match that took place at Whirlwind Golf Course. A match between Mojo, the Swing Doctor, the Bird and Jim,(yes the same Jim that Mojo has demeaned in previous Blogs for his cart handling abilities or lack thereof) a friend of mine with whom I have spent many a venturous time. It appears the Bird and Jim routed the other two with a birdie, birdie, birdie finish. It was a stirring victory for the Bird/Jim team as it was the first time they had formed a winning formula as a team. What is amazing is how well the two victors handled themselves in the wake of such a dramatic win. Unfortunately, the losers did not accept the loss with such graciousness. I believe that when recovers from his injury that there will be many a rematch. This I believe, will turn into one of the great rivalries in golf. I hope they keep us all abreast of the outcomes. Good luck to the two truly gentle men.
    Steve out

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