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A new word; for Mr. Woods

Was there any doubt? Tiger, yesterday, on the 18th. hole at Bay Hill, was faced with a 28 foot put (which broke some four feet from left to right), to win the tournament. Tiger had not made a putt over 18 feet long, on any of the previous 71 holes he had played (in fact he had three putted from 7 feet earlier in the round on the 10th hole).

While watching him prepare to hit his putt, I KNEW he was going to make it. Was absolutely certain, that he would (as I imagine most everyone who follows golf, was). So why or how could that be such a certainty, when he had done nothing all week to justify that faith? Because….he is Tiger. We are watching the greatest player that has ever, and maybe, will ever, play this great game.

Tiger supersedes any adjective. There are no more superlatives that can be used to describe him. I thought it might be fun therefore to invent a new word that would do Tiger, justice.

I propose his name itself; i.e. “Tiger”; by definition, ‘to excel at something in a way that nobody ever has. To have become so good at something that generic definitions (like, “great”, “superb”) just do not do something justice.

To be used in a sentence like this: “he played so well, he Tigered it”.

What words can you come up with?