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It’s In Your Hands

When you play golf, do you wear gloves? Golf gloves are a traditional part of the standard golfer’s attire, but among modern golfers, preferences are divided. Some golfers swear by them, while others feel more comfortable playing bare handed. But which choice is best for your game?

In truth, there are plenty of reasons to wear golf gloves, but there are also numerous reasons to take to the green without them. In this blog we will explore both the pros and the cons of golf gloves with the goal of helping you decide whether you should include them in your own personal equipment.

The Pros of Golf Gloves

A golf glove, traditionally worn on the player’s non-dominant hand, is considered a recommended but not required piece of equipment. Golfers initially began wearing golf gloves for several reasons.

  • Enhanced grip. The golf glove grips the club better than bare skin does, preventing the club from turning or slipping in the player’s hand. This is particularly useful in hot weather, when you may be sweating.
  • Blister prevention. Wear of your bare hand against a golf club may cause you to develop blisters or calluses. Gloves will protect you against these results.
  • Weather protection. The most basic reason for anyone to wear gloves also applies to golf. If you’re playing in chilly or wet conditions, you may prefer to keep your fingers warm and dry.

The Cons of Golf Gloves

So, given that there are many good reasons to glove your hand on the course, why is it that some golfers choose to play bare handed? There are many reasons, but a few of the most common ones are:

  • The cost of gloves. Although gloves are not exceedingly expensive, they are a particular item in the golfer’s arsenal that requires regular replacement due to wear and tear. Some golfers choose not to invest in this particular item, since it isn’t a requirement to play.
  • The trouble of taking off and putting back on your glove. Many people prefer to putt bare handed, and some golfers consider it an annoyance to constantly have to unglove and re-glove their hand as they proceed along the course.
  • The feel of the club. Some golfers feel that the impact of the club on the ball can be felt better without a glove. In particular, those who have learned or have grown accustomed to playing gloveless may be reluctant to change styles.

If you are learning how to golf for the first time, we recommend starting with a glove and developing that habit. It’s a good way to ensure a strong grip and protect your hand. However, the glove is not a requirement, and if you prefer to play bare handed, you’re not alone. Do what suits your personal taste and game.