June 1, 2007 -

Over the years, there have been several great golf nicknames. Some personal favorites are:

1. “Champagne” Tony Lema. Lema, who was tragically killed in a plane accident at the height of his career was someone who loved life and lived it to the very fullest.

2. “The Squire”; Gene Sarazen. The first man to win all four majors was in every way, the very essence of a gentleman and golfer.

3. “The Wee Ice-Mon”. Ben Hogan and his steely demeanor personified determination and grit.

4. “Merry Mex”. Lee Trevino, who had pretty much something to say about…everything and is perhaps golf’s most talkative and funny character.

5. ‘The King”. Arnold Palmer. The name says it all.

What are your favorites?

2 thoughts on “Nicknames

  1. Jay says:

    “WEDGY” Winchester. Larry Winchester was a superb player, in the 70’s, and would have undoubtedly been a big star on the PGA Tour; but for one thing. He could not, to save his soul, hit a wedge shot. In one those bizzare curve balls that life deals us, Wedgy was one of the finest trick shot artists in history. He can hit balls 300 yards from his knees, play left and right handed, hit towering drives with a 65 inch shaft and even while balancing on one leg and standing on a stool, could hit some of the greatest shots that you have ever seen. But, Wedgy can’t hit a wedge; which is why his “friends” gave him the knickname, Wedgy!

  2. shivasirons says:

    “The Walrus”; Craig Stadler, who not only has the facial expressions of a walrus, complete with the droopy whiskers, but is built like one, too.

    “The Great White Shark”; Greg Norman. So much his psyeudonym, that his clothing line and corporate logo are a shark.

    “The Slammer”; Sam Snead.

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