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June 5, 2007 -

Golf originated in the 1500’s, in Scotland. It’s popularity grew so much that it became outlawed by 1570, because too many people were playing golf and were not practicing their archery!

Today’s blog wants to find out other interesting facts about the history of our grand pursuit. Did you know, for instance, that Mary, Queen of Scots (yup, the same one who was beheaded by her half-sister, Elizabeth 1), was a mad keen golfer?

Or; why is a golf course 18 holes in length? Answer; because a bottle of scotch whiskey, has eighteen shots in it. Quite naturally, having one shot (in a glass that is!) on every hole made up….18 holes.

Let’s hear other fascinating, golf history.

3 thoughts on “Golf History

  1. shivasirons says:

    The original Rules of Golf, were a one page document. Basically, the rules said to play your ball as it lies and to count all of your strokes. Pretty simple. As human beings are wont to do, we try to find our way around things so now that rules book is 144 pages long and the annual “Decisions on the Rules” book that the USGA publishes is 600 pages long. That decsison books is only about various situations that someone couldn’t figure out from the 144 page rule book. WOW.

  2. TInkpen says:

    Golf is the only game where you get to call a penalty on yourself……spend 4 hours with someone on a golf course and you will know for certain if you want to do business with that person, or not.

  3. admin says:

    Nice blog; TInkpen; and WELCOME to the blog. You may also be interested in a blog that is in APRIL’s archive, called “Corporate Golf”, which outlines some corporate/people do’s and dont’s for golf. Your point about how 4 hours on the course with someone as a means to get to know them; is very well made.

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