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June 21, 2007 -

Golf gives us some of the wittiest phrases and terminology. Today’s blog would like to compile a list of your favorites. To start the proceedings, here a few favorites:

“Dew Sweepers”. Phrase used to describe players teeing off first on the weekend in tournaments (usually players who are happy to have made the cut, but rarely contenders).

“The go-rights”. Used as a substitute for the word that no-one will offer publicly (can be a contagious disease); you know, the one that starts with “s” and describes a shot that goes immediately right. Once, when traveling and sharing a room with another professional, I got “a case” of them and my friend asked me to move out for fear of getting them also.

“Don’t touch it, Lord, it’s a two shot penalty”. The immortal words of Father Hurley, our parish priest, after he had skied his tee-shot.

3 thoughts on “Golf Speak

  1. Karl Spackler says:

    Good post. Have not heard those before. I have a few to add.

    Lewis & Clark: Hit the ball into the wrong fairway, green, etc.

    In & Out: The Double-Double, Making back to back double boggies.

    Chened it: Hitting the ball twice.

    Van de Velde: Any time you make triple bogey.

  2. admin says:

    Good blog, Karl. Dear old Jean Van de Velde has become a phrase of the worst kind. There is another term used thses days to describe a collpase; Van de Fold!

  3. golfguru says:

    Quacker- duck hook
    Hosel rocket- the S word, will cost a cocktail if used
    Chinese Hook- same as hosel rocket
    Oral Roberts- a little heeler
    Billy Barty- a putt just a little short

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