Brian Glines

May 23, 2007
The following is an exerpt from the Journal Times in Wisconsin. The young man being highlighted, Brian Glines, is a student of Jim Samsing’s. Brian has made some huge leaps with his golf game in the past two years and has the potential to become a very fine player. KE...

Barb Lacy

May 15, 2007
CONGRATULATIONS to BARB LACY: Barb just recorded her best ever score of 77. In her words “I am so happy about the improvements in my game. the school was such a great experience.” Having had the chance to watch Barb make the changes that she did, we are certain that...

Dana Davis

May 15, 2007
CONGRATULATIONS: DANA DAVIS; Dana had a hole-in-one on May 10, at Deep Cliff GC, on the 18th. hole. Here are his words: “I admit being quite shocked. It was a #7 Callaway Heavenwood Hybrid from 162 yards out to a slightly elevated green. The ball went dead at the ...

Art Rebello

May 5, 2007
CONGRATULATIONS to ART REBELLO; Art just had a hole-in-one (his fourth) on May 5 at Green Valley Country Club, in Portsmouth, RI. Playing into a very stiff wind, Art aced the 147 par-3 12th. hole, with a 6 iron. Art, was a very good player when we first had the chance t...

Carole Meredith

April 24, 2007
CONGRATULATIONS: to CAROLE MEREDITH. Carole had a hole-in-one while playing in the Cedar Creek Women’s Association, on Tuesday, April 24. Carole made her ace on the 3rd. hole. Carole, who is a student of Sharon Miller’s is doing great things with her game and in her...

Sherry Maine

April 19, 2007
CONGRATULATIONS: to SHERRY MAINE. while at her school, with Shelley Hamlin, Sherry made a hole-in-one! playing at Whirlwind (Cattail) on April 19, Sherry aced the par 3, 3rd. hole, from 101 yards, using a wedge. “The ball went straight at the flag, landed and made two...

Sandy Cable: The Incredible Journey

April 12, 2007
Learning. The art of improvement is always a “process”. This is one person’s story and it is remarkable. We first met Sandy Cable five years ago. She had, for almost 20 years, labored, at trying to play golf. The lowest score that Sandy had ever shot was 128. Our ...
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