Lucky #13

June 17, 2007
I watched the best ball striking round of golf that I have ever seen, yesterday, during the third round of the US Open. Tiger hit the first seventeen greens in regulation; at the US Open. At Oakmont. You are just not supposed to do that. Tiger shot 69, but it could have...

The Majors

June 12, 2007
As the Men’s US Open approaches, we thought it might be interesting to find out which of the four Men’s Major Championships is your favorite? The Masters. Always the signal that the golf year has begun. When the TV cameras wind their way up Magnolia Lane and then pa...

Equipment maintenance

June 9, 2007
Taking care of your equipment is an important part of playing your best golf. Here are some tips: GRIPS. Perhaps the most important part of your equipment is the handle; and its immediate relationship with your hands. Invariably, we see people who need new grips. Why ar...

Golf History

June 5, 2007
Golf originated in the 1500’s, in Scotland. It’s popularity grew so much that it became outlawed by 1570, because too many people were playing golf and were not practicing their archery! Today’s blog wants to find out other interesting facts about the history of o...


June 1, 2007
Over the years, there have been several great golf nicknames. Some personal favorites are: 1. “Champagne” Tony Lema. Lema, who was tragically killed in a plane accident at the height of his career was someone who loved life and lived it to the very fullest. 2. “Th...

Required Reading

May 26, 2007
There are enough golf books and books on golf to make a library. We would advise you to stay away from instructional books (not that the authors don’t know what they are talking about but the fact that they can’t see you, and why you do what you do, makes reading th...

To Wie or Not to Wie

May 21, 2007
Michelle Wie is a phenomenon. She is an extraordinary talent, very mature for her age and by all accounts a very intelligent young lady. She has never won a tournament of significance. Wie, has just accepted an invitation to play October’s Samsung World Championsh...

Fantastic Four

May 18, 2007
You have an opportunity to play with any other three people; living or deceased. Who would your “dream foursome” be? To get things started, your writer would put forth: King Arthur Mahatmar Ghandi Walter Hagen...

A Rivalry?

May 14, 2007
The golf world would like nothing better than a rivalry. Someone who will step up and challenge Tiger on a consistent basis. Palmer and Nicklaus almost had it but truth be told, as great as Arnold Palmer was, Jack Nicklaus, pretty much owned him. No; what we would reall...


May 7, 2007
Only icons can truly understand other icons. The pro-am pairing at the Wachovia last week that had Michael Jordan paired with Tiger Woods, was fascinating on many fronts. If there is anybody on the planet that understands what it would be like to be Tiger Woods, it is J...
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