Amy Benz, LPGA Member

Amy’s idol was LPGA Hall of Famer, Amy Alcott, who her father took her to watch when she was 12 years old. From that moment on Amy knew that she wanted to be a professional golfer. They became friends and were even paired together in the final group of the U.S. Open one year. Amy was a star in college at SMU where she was an All American and also the winner of the AIAW National Championship in her sophomore year. Amy was the medalist and the runner-up in the USGA Junior Girls and a member of both the victorious Curtis and World Cups in 1982. Amy would go on to have a very successful career on the LPGA Tour where she won the 1988 Mixed Team Championship and recorded 6 runner-up finishes and two wins on the Japanese Tour. Amy credits teaching legends Craig Shankland, Bob Rotella and David Love Jr. as being major influences in both her game and for giving her the knowledge as she began teaching. And it is with teaching that Amy has found her calling for which she is passionate. Amy’s objective when working with her students is to keep the learning simple and she believes that a sound swing is made up of the entire body, working in unison.

We are very proud to announce that Amy was inducted in the SMU Athletic Hall of Fame on May 6, 2016, at Moody Coliseum. Congratulations Amy!

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