Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses

Below is a selection of Bird Golf Yoga poses to enhance flexibility. Each yoga pose can be performed on its own to assist with relieving certain conditions, such as lower back injury or fatigue or combine any of these Yoga poses to create a golf exercise program which will encompass strengthening and increasing flexibility of all areas of the body. Using the complete breathing method described below while performing these poses will always get you the maximum affect of the pose. These poses are designed to strengthen the spine, lower back and hamstrings, areas of the body that are critical to your golf swing and once reinforced through these stretches you can reduce your possibility of injuries. Including this into your routine before playing golf will become just as important as your preshot routine.


The poses below show a range of beginner to advanced postures. When performing yoga poses, go into the pose only as far as comfortable but at the same time making sure you are working to a new level by putting effort into each pose. Each motion should be performed deliberately and with strong motions to gain the maximum benefit.

Breathing technique is a very important part of yoga. When done correctly benefits include; improvement in the condition of blood and circulation, relief from physical and mental fatigue, revitalization and increase in lung capacity. The correct method for breathing should be reviewed before any yoga poses are attempted.

When doing any yoga poses getting the breathing right while doing the pose will increase the benefits of that pose.

Breathing in through the nose, fill your lungs, diaphragm and your chest. Feel your stomach pushing out as you inhale deeply and slowly. Exhale through the nose, feel the air release from the lungs and the chest slowly pushing the breath out.

The following movements will help you get the most out of breathing fully.

  1. Standing with your spine straight with your feet 3-4 inches apart, look forward with your arms to your side.
  2. Begin a very deep inhalation through the nose simultaneously raising the arms with palms up, meet the palms overhead.
  3. Turn the palms outward and exhale simultaneously lowering the arms to your sides.

Yoga Poses

Standing Poses

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