The Shots Heard Around The World

April 16, 2007 -

Musings on a Monday morning. Instead of coming up with my own personal list of the Greatest Shots ever played, I thought it would be a fun and interesting task to come up with a list created by…you! What are the most extraordinary, incredible shots of all time (you know, the ones that make us say “how did they do that!!??”). I would make you one offering; 18th. hole, Round 3, at Hazeltine, 2002 PGA Championship … know who (also known as Eldrick), hit a 3 iron, over trees that were 80 feet above him (most mortals would have been lucky to clear the trees with a sand wedge), 14 feet from the pin into a 30 mile an hour wind.

11 thoughts on “The Shots Heard Around The World

  1. rdwillis2 says:

    I once saw a golf ball go backwards! It all took place at Los Caballeros Country Club in Wickenburg, AZ. The 7th hole a mid size Par 5 and that is where this magical shot took place. Even par and playing well, this unnamed “shot maker” struck his ball …….and topped it. He topped it so hard, that he drove the ball directly into the earth; from where it popped into the air about 20 feet in the air and 10 feet behind the teeing ground. Backwards. Not knowing where the ball had gone? He asked his playing partners and they just pointed to the ball behind them with a little bit of a giggle. In some shock, he looked at them and said “I will just clean that up”. He went back to where his ball now lay and hit the ball off the deck (with his driver) on a rope about 275. It was one of the best pars I had ever seen.

  2. golfguru says:

    Oh RD.,
    Who would that person be that hit the ball backwards? I wonder.

  3. 1 Putt Dan says:

    Two unbelievable shots come to mind. The one Sergio hit from the trees (and then ran after it to watch), and most memorable was the 6 iron that Tiger hit from the fairway bunker on 18 at Glen Abbey. I’ve played there, and tried to replicate his shot (ya right). After 20 balls, I finally got a 4 iron over the water to the green (it’s a good 210 to clear).

  4. Jay says:

    Yes, Guru, I think that you have solved the mystery of who hit the drive backwards……and 1 Putt; that six iron “you know who” hit from the bunker at Glenn Abbey was just as remarkable as the 3 iron at Hazeltine! Good post!

  5. shivasirons says:

    Now, I may not have been there…..but; Gene Sarazen’s 3 wood (or “Spoon” as they called it in those days) hole out at the 15th. at Augusta National in the 1935 Masters; for a Double Eagle 2!…….was truly the “shot heard around the world”.

  6. Kaptb says:

    The truth is, only a handful of people saw the shot (and even some of those missed it). Masters founder Bobby Jones was among those spectators. Sarazen still needed to par the last three holes to force a playoff, which he did. He won the next day for his only Masters. I was able to go to Augusta I walked the 15th. But the most incredible golf shot that I have seen in this decade was on March 20th. Ed Saloman a guy I grew up with hit a three wood 195 yards into a 25 mile an hour right to left wind and into the hole! Knowing Ed’s game as I do, has convinced me that it’s not skill but ….blind luck!

  7. admin says:

    Hi KAPTB….rumor has it that you were actually one of those few people who saw ‘The Squire’s” shot, live. Is there truth to that?

  8. Kaptb says:

    In 1935 even You oh great guru were not even a sparkle in Your parents eye!PS congratulations on the two new school locations and also with Peak Vision Sports, maybe now You can get some real shades:)

  9. Jay says:

    KAPTB……If you haven’t tried PeakVision glasses …you should; they are AWESOME!….and thank you for your kind words.

  10. Carol says:

    Speaking of shots…

    Why do some men hit from the pro or “blue” tees when they can’t reach the same distance as women from the “red” tees?

    It is my understanding that a player should hit from the tee that enables the player to reach the green in two strokes for a par 4 hole.

  11. admin says:

    Hi Carol; Some men should not play the back tees (it is an ego thing!) because they would get much more enjoyment (and of course, their scores would go down) playing a more foreward tee. The color of tee box is not mandated but rather the preference at each club/course. Golf is supposed to be FUN; not torture.
    We see the touring pros on TV and want to play the course in the same position that they do; which is another reason we have 5 hour rounds! Having been a tournament player in my time and a fairly competent
    player, when I play today, I rarely play courses
    from the very back tees. I play the game to enjoy it and have fun!

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